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Rating the BO3 Weapons

Black Ops 3 Shotguns

It is common in the gaming community to talk about the best weapons, the best to kill or destroy those monsters that you need to slay. With the release of Black Ops 3 Zombies, it is not surprising that gamers are all abuzz about the best BO3 weapon.

Everyone especially wanted to know the best guns you should arm yourself with to fight the hordes of undead coming for you. May responded and gave their opinion about which are the best multiplayer weapons in Black Ops 3.
If you are one of those eager to figure it out so you can try in your next zombie adventure, you got it. Here are some of the top weapons, gamers voted as the best weapons of the game. Check it out and see if you agree or not.


Shotguns do not seem popular in Black Ops 3. This type of weapon does not seem to be popular in BO3 like assault rifles and SMGs because of how the maps were set up. Nevertheless, they are great weapons and some of the best choices include:

• Argus
• KRM-262
• 205 Brecci
• Haymaker 12

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are the best choice in terms of mid to long range fights. With this type of weapon, players can move around faster. Still, you will not be as nimble as with players carrying shotguns or SMGs. Some of the best assault rifles include:

• Man-O-War
• ICR-1
• XR-2
• KN-44
• Sheiva

Submachine Guns

SMGs or submachine guns are one of Black Ops 3’s most popular weapons. Extremely powerful, it is capable of ripping through your enemies at great speed. The best submachine guns should have low recoil and deals with moderate damage. Some of the top SMGs include:

• Weevil

Light Machine Guns

Light machine guns are the weapons that are the perfect choice if you want to throw some serious punch. Some LMGs are even capable of wiping out all your enemies with using only just several bullets. Of course, there are also drawbacks with LMS, and that is it reduces mobility quite significantly. Some of the best LMG weapons are:

• 48 Dredge
• Gorgon

Sniper Rifles

Black Ops 3 offer a wide array of sniper rifles. They are uncommon weapons, but it is probably because players are not used to it yet. BO3 sniper rifles are pretty decent and some of the best options if you like snipers include:

• Locus
• SVG-100
• Drakon
• P-06

In addition to these weapons, there are also the top rated older weapons that made a return in the Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles. These weapons include the:

Ray Gun Mar 2 – A powerful version of the regular ray gun in the game capable of killing zombies in just one hit.

MP40 – A relatively of submachine gun, MP40 is quite powerful with high fire rate and equipped with double tap that makes the weapon more effective.

These are only some of the best rated BO3 weapons most of Black Ops gamers like to arm themselves with. Choose from these weapons for your fight against the limitless hordes of zombies coming for you. Here are the weapons that make your Black Ops 3 Zombie adventure more fun, loud and exciting.

Fresh Looks for the Young Boy

As many parents love to be trendy when choosing clothing for their newborns, some are starting to understand that the trendy outfits might also be distressing for the little ones. As adorable as it can be to outfit these kids in headbands, belts and a little gear, it’s generally not functional, and it often will make the dressing phase take a lot longer than it has to. This can bother the infant and leave it tough for them to navigate around as they want to. Belts are confining, regardless if they look adorable on an extra-large top of the child, they might not end up being the ideal selection.

fresh look baby clothesPicking baby onesies rather than a multi-piece outfit may feel like a cop-out and as though the mother or father is just raising the white flag, but it may be much more comfortable for the newborn. The kid will be able to move about readily, and putting clothes on them will simply take a few minutes. Additionally, the parents will not need to think over what to dress the baby in and how to match everything up for the best outfit.

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Celtrixa Reviews: Does it Work?

Celtrixa Reviews: Does it Work?

How you look and how you feel in your body has a big impact on your daily life. Stretch marks have a noticeable effect on how you look and can cause self esteem issues for those who suffer from them. Stretch marks form indented streaks on your body which occur predominantly on the back, upper legs, buttocks and abdomen but can be seen all over the body. Stretch marks can affect women, men and children of all ages, but are particularly common with adolescents. With over 70% of teenage girls affected and 40% of teenage boys it’s something a lot of people are dealing with and are looking for a solution to.

Pregnant woman applying Celtrixa creamThe causes of stretch marks are varied. They happen when your body changes rapidly and the skin becomes damaged stretching. The marks themselves are caused by damaged blood vessels that can be seen through the thin layers of skin.

Common causes of stretch marks include pregnancy, weight gain, weight lifting and hormone imbalances. Each of these causes your body to grow dramatically in size and if your skin is not healthy and resilient enough this can result in stretch marks.

Stretch marks can appear fairly suddenly, even with people who have never suffered from them before. They very rarely have health risks attached to them but they can really ruin your confidence, especially when you head to the beach or wear something more revealing in Summer.


Treatments for Stretch Marks

Treatments for stretch marks vary from mild to invasive. Generally most people don’t want or can’t get any kind of elective surgery to cover any stretch marks. Instead people look for over the counter or topical medicines to help with stretch marks.

These products can be ineffective and ultimately not help with your stretch marks, but a few have been developed that can help dramatically reduce the appearance and colour of stretch marks on your body.


Hydroxatone Celtrixa Stretch Mark Lotion

Celtrixa stretch mark lotion has been developed to help with existing stretch marks on your skin. While it isn’t a miracle cure it’s been designed to help reduce the colour and indentation of the stretch marks, making them a lot less noticeable.

Celtrixa uses an ingredient called Regu-Stretch. This product has been specially created to help your skin repair itself by encouraging the production of collagen in your skin. The collagen helps your skin heal and also creates more durable layers of skin which are less prone to stretch marks.

Celtrixa is still a fairly new product so we’ll have to see how it performs based on reviews. On face value it seems like one of the more intelligently designed products that could yield some impressive results.

Find out more about how Celtrixa works